About NOK

HeaderNativesofKodiak9NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS: Change to location of Annual Meeting of Shareholders, 20 September 2014.  Please see the memo from David Anderson, Senior Vice President, at this link –Notice Change to Annual Mtg Site – 25Jul14.

Natives of Kodiak, Inc. (NOK), is an Alaska Native Urban Corporation, incorporated in 1973 as a for-profit corporation organized under Alaska Law and pursuant to the 1971 federal Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (16 USC B 1601 et seq.), commonly referred to as “ANCSA”. NOK is managed by its President and CEO who is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors comprised of elected NOK shareholders.


  • Donene Tweten, Chairperson
  • Alexis “Sonny” Chichenoff, Vice Chairperson
  • Carla Schauff, Treasurer
  • Laurence Anderson, Secretary
  • Anthony Cange, Director
  • Leonard ‘Pat’ Heitman, Director
  • Margaret L. Roberts, Director
  • David Anderson, Director
  • Jeannine (“JJ”) Marsh, Director


  • James K. Erickson, President & CEO
  • David Anderson, Vice-President

***NOTE – 28 April 2014:  On 24 Apr 14, the NOK Secretariat completed the second mailing of requests to Shareholders that they vote by    14 May 14.  We thank those Shareholders who already have done so, and ask those who have not to submit their vote by 14 May.***

Business and Financial Management Experience

NOK’s extensive business and financial management experience includes:

  • Management of approximately 23,040 acres of land on Kodiak and Afognak Islands including the creation, implementation and oversight of a professional land use policy and permitting system;
  • 100% ownership (through KOMAN Holdings, LLC) of KOMAN Diversified Services, LLC, an 8(a) company specializing in general construction, apparel manufacturing, and Base Operations and Support Services (BOSS);
  • 100% ownership of KOMAN, Inc., a graduated 8(a) company, still a Small Disadvantaged Business, specializing in engineering, architectural design and construction services;
  • Master planning and development of Kodiak Island’s Spruce Cape Subdivision, a master planned 122 unit single family housing project located on 55 acres of NOK land at the north end of Kodiak, including sewer and water design and construction;
  • Environmental restoration coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at NOK’s Buskin Beach property;
  • Construction and management of Kodiak’s 18,000 square foot, $3 million dollar Alutiiq Center, built to exacting national archival standards, which houses the renowned Alutiiq Museum as well as professional office space;
  • Professional management and oversight of highly diversified investment portfolios for Natives of Kodiak, Inc. and the Natives of Kodiak Shareholder Permanent Fund Trust;
  • Partnership and present management of one of Alaska’s largest and most successful forest management companies, Koncor Forest Products Company;
  • Partnership in two limited liability venture capital companies with diverse early stage high-tech and internet technology companies; and
  • Limited partnership in the Portland Paramount Hotel including initial construction and planning of this first class, 154 room, downtown Portland, Oregon facility and on-going limited partnership activities.