Natives of Kodiak
Alaska Native Corporation
Kodiak, AK

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who we are

About Natives of Kodiak


Natives of Kodiak, Inc. (NOK), is an Alaska Native Urban Corporation, incorporated in 1973 as a for-profit corporation organized under Alaska Law and...

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Our Family of Companies


NOK is dedicated to economic growth, with diversified holdings in timber, land development, resource management, and government contracting.

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Our community of Kodiak, Alaska


About Kodiak  Once a struggling fishing port, World War II turned the island of Kodiak into a major staging area for North Pacific operations. At one point Kodiak's population topped 25,000,  ...    Read more

KUPOLCollectionA 250 year account of Alaska's history: The KUPOL Collection

    The Kupol Collection represents the untold story of one of North Americas most fascinating cultural phenomenons. A 250 year account of Alaska's history captured in the paintings of one artist who labored for over 10 years to bring this…
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