Cultural Resources

Cultural & Historic Resources Program

Public Safety and Resource Protection Program

The Hanford Site contains numerous archeological and historical sites and districts, traditional cultural properties, and artifacts dating from approximately 11,000 years ago to the present.

EAS works with MSA to ensure site compliance with federal cultural resources laws and regulations.

We provide qualified cultural resource staff and support personnel with an extensive knowledge of Hanford prehistoric and historic periods.

Specifically, EAS responsibilities and support functions to the C&HRP are to:

  • Maintain procedures to ensure DOE compliance with National Historic Preservation Act, American Indian Religious Freedom Act, Archaeological Resources Protection Act, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, and other applicable cultural resources, laws, regulations, and DOE directives
  • Implement National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 reviews for Hanford Site contractors that incorporate the NHPA Section 106 criteria and guidance, but also may include literature reviews, surveys, subsurface testing, excavation, monitoring, GIS mapping and analysis, and artifact analysis. As part of Section 106 reviews, EAS also records archaeological sites; updates site forms; completes Determinations of Eligibility; and prepares Memoranda of Agreement, cultural resource monitoring plans, and technical reports.¬†


U.S. Department of Energy
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STARTED: 2011 -
PRESENT (contract continues through 2018)

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